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Fees for any writing work are based on the length and complexity of content and agreed per commission on a basis that allows for the best results within the available budget.

Cost is usually to word-count but fee-per-hour can be negotiated. Please contact me to find out more.

Current and previous clients include:

Rezcomm: Rich blog content, marketing announcements and editing of tenders for Exeter-based software company specialising in omnichannel e-commerce solutions for the airport and venue industries

ViolinSchool: Editorial content, feature articles, blogs, newsletters and mailings, proof-reading, copy editing, and publishing and formatting of webpage text and guest editorial in WordPress

The Music Workshop Company: Bi-monthly blog and newsletter service

Purple Conversations: An online magazine for older women featuring health, happiness, financial advice and ‘new thought’ philosophies

Bright Futures Consultancy and Therapy Service

The Pythagoras Ensemble: Website homepage content and publicity material

“We’ve all been having a read of your article in the office. The directors are really, really happy with it! I love it too! Cracking job, it’s exactly what we wanted. Brilliant article.” Victoria

“I read your blog and must say that your writing is not only inspiring but it teaches you so much about life and music. I must say that I have become a fan. What I experienced from your writing can’t be expressed in words…” Samrat

“Your blog is a fabulous read and vividly captures the power and humility of a musician’s life.” Marion

“It was very moving to read all those tributes to Peter [Norris]. I thought your article captured absolutely the essence of his teaching.” Margaret Norris