Some words from my clients:

“I have been working with Johanna for nearly two years and it’s been fantastic. Efficient and thorough in her research, she is able to make even the most complicated technical explanations simple and easy to understand. Having her as an extension to our team is incredibly valuable. She is open to trying new ideas and well-versed in writing with SEO and an overarching content strategy in mind. Do hire her, she is worth every penny!”
Sarah, Head of Marketing and Communications

“I really appreciate the fast turnaround… Thanks again, as we say in the South West – proper job, not my northern turn of phrase but very appropriate this time.”

Neil, Parking Services Director


Victoria, Director of Digital

“Your writing is not only inspiring but it teaches you so much about life… I must say that I have become a fan. What I experienced from your writing can’t be expressed in words…” Samrat